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Faith Moments

January 28, 2014

Faith Moment Healing Divisions 2

Transcript of audio:

Our diocese, like many others across the country, is in a difficult process of realigning and reinvesting in Catholic schools, as are many public school districts. As I can tell you from personal experience, it is not easy for anyone involved. Although no one can lessen the difficulty of this process, the words of St. Paul in this week's second reading may help us to take a broader view.

St. Paul tells us that as Christians, we are to be united in the same mind and same purpose.  Our allegiance is to Jesus Christ first and foremost. As Christians, we all belong to Jesus Christ, which means we belong to one another in living out our faith as He taught us. St. Paul knew that our human nature and limitations can cause disagreements and divisions among us. But when we agree that Jesus is the foundation of our Christian faith, we can begin to heal those divisions and build a stronger Church for the future.

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