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Faith Moments

February 11, 2014

Faith Moment Authenticity 2

Transcript of audio:

The words of the prophet Isaiah from our first scripture reading this week help us to understand how God calls us to be salt and light for others. As salt enhances others and light shows others the way, Isaiah's words call us to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and refrain from malicious speech.  In other words, to be better salt and light for others, our love must be authentic.  We must love in deed and not just in word.  We share our time and talent and wealth because, as Christians, that is who we are.  It is our true nature to do so.

To be salt and light, we need to step back from our own interests to make ourselves more available to others -- on campus, at work, at church, but most especially at home. Never be too busy for those you love.  Jesus wasn't.

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