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Faith Moments

February 17, 2014

Faith Moment Free Will 1

Transcript of audio:

God has given us free will.  But what does that really mean?  This week's scripture readings help us to understand. 

God gives us the spiritual freedom to choose what is our natural inclination – to do good.

Too may people see the ten commandments as chains that bind or retrict us, that make life more difficult and burdensome.  But the ten commandments are a gift that helps bring out that truth and goodness inside each of us. Rather than bind us, they set us free.  Keeping us on a path that leads to eternal life.

But we are free to choose to go in a different direction.

Water or fire? Good or evil? Life or death?  These are the choices that determine our spiritual destiny.  We are free to pick our own path.  In choosing, let us remember what the psalmist wrote on Sunday: "Blessed are they who walk in the way of the Lord."

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