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Faith Moments

February 18, 2014

Faith Moment Free Will 2

Transcript of audio:

We've heard it said that the battle between good and evil starts within.  In other words, our decision to do something good or to do something bad begins with our thoughts.

Sinful thoughts lead to poor choices and harmful behaviors. But we can take control of our thoughts and see our way through to better outcomes.

That is the essence of free will.  It offers us the opportunity to walk through life hand in hand with God.  To show compassion, kindness and love for one another.  A walk that ends in eternal life.  Or, to go another way.  To give primacy to sin and evil, which leads to death.

God gives us free will to choose between the two paths.  In order to choose one path or the other, our thoughts must lead us in that direction. When we direct our thoughts toward God and meditate on His Word, we receive His counsel and head in the right direction.  Think rightly and you will choose wisely.

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