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Faith Moments

February 19, 2014

Faith Moment Free Will 3

Transcript of audio:


God gives us free will, but that doesn't mean he wants us to live by our own rules.  On the contrary, what God wants is an adult relationship with us, one in which we freely choose to follow His plan for us, knowing only that will give us true freedom and happiness.

As with any adult relationship, trust is the key. God is our trusted advisor, one who is always right and always looking out for our best interests.  With His commandments as our guide, God shows us the way to true happiness.

That does not mean He wants to be a dictator, though.  God entrusts us with free will so that we may choose His path and help others in that direction.  As this week's reading from Sirach tell us: "There are set before you fire and water; to whichever you choose, stretch forth your hand."

Will we play with fire or choose God's life-giving water?

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