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Faith Moments

February 24, 2014

Faith Moment Grudges 1

Transcript of audio:

Do you hold grudges? Do you seek revenge if you are wronged?  The scripture readings this week show us that such attitudes poison our lives and lead us away from God.

In the Gospel, Jesus refers to the familiar Bible verse "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth," which is often misunderstood as a license to take revenge.  In fact, the verse is meant to limit revenge, insisting that retribution should not exceed the offense.  Let the punishment fit the crime, so to speak.  But Jesus takes it a step further. Not only does He teach us to limit revenge, Jesus tells us to reject it entirely. Turn the other cheek. Love your enemies.

In our modern world such a stance may seem naive. But Jesus is not naive.  He is the ultimate realist who calls upon his followers to flesh on his love and compassion and make them a reality here and now, not some distant day in heaven.


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