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Faith Moments

March 10, 2014

Faith Moment Temptation 1

Transcript of audio:

What is the cost of temptation?

We see in our readings this week that when we give in to temptation – choosing short-trem self-interests over what God wants from us – there is always a cost.  Adam and Eve's lack of trust in God's Word led them to give in to temptation and eat the forbidden fruit. Making that poor choice cost them their fellowship with God as they were banished from the Garden of Eden.  In contrast, in the Gospel reading we see that Jesus does not give in to Satan’s temptations. He chooses to do God's will, to trust in God' Word.

When we choose selfish interests over God we may experience short-term gratification, but it never leads to true happiness.  When faced with temptation, let us trust in God's Word to help us make the right choice.

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