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Faith Moments

March 11, 2014

Faith Moment Temptation 2

Transcript of audio:

Why do Catholics fast during Lent?  We can think of fasting as a spiritual discipline which helps prepare us for Easter, the greatest Holy Day of the Christian year.

During Lent, Christians try to imitate Jesus Christ who – as we saw in this week's Gospel – spent 40 days in spiritual discipline, fasting as he rejected the devil's enticing temptations.  We, too, fast to direct our attention on doing what God asks of us. It helps teach us to hunger for God as Jesus did and to choose to serve only God.

When we face temptation spiritual disciplines such as fasting help us to choose right over wrong and respond to the will of God in answer to the question "Who will you serve?"

May Lent draw us into spiritual disciplines that strengthen us to choose the good and follow God.

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