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Faith Moments

March 12, 2014

Faith Moment Temptation 3

Transcript of audio:

Adam and Eve teach us a lot about what not to do in a relationship.  Neither of them could resist the temptation of the serpent on their own, nor did they help each other to resist.  Their story, as we enter Lent, reminds us that it is hard to overcome temptation alone. But we don’t have to.  We have God and one another.

Lent is the perfect time to get involved with others in our faith community to help each other resist temptation and grow in goodness.  We can help each other through in-depth faith sharing. Praying together. Joining in worship services. Helping those in need.  Surrounding ourselves with faith-filled people helps us to stay strong and true to God's will.

Let's take time during Lent to join with others and replace negative temptations with positive actions.

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