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Faith Moments

March 17, 2014

Faith Moment Transformation 1

Transcript of audio:

Most of us know someone we might call a stick in the mud...that person stuck in a routine who won't try new things.

This week's scripture readings tell us this is not the way God wants us to live.  In the first reading, Abram is told by God to leave his homeland and live on a promise of future blessings. Despite uncertainty, Abram listens and goes as directed.  In the Gospel, Christ's closest disciples witness His transfiguration on the mountain.  Peter, James and John want to stay and bask in the glory of Jesus.  When a voice from heaven tells the disciples to listen to Jesus, they are afraid. Because this means moving toward the unknown.

God calls us to transform ourselves, to leave what we know and venture toward the eternal glory foreshadowed by Christ's transfiguration.

But we need to listen.

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