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Faith Moments

March 18, 2014

Faith Moment Transformation 2

Transcript of audio:

Lectio divina is a Catholic spiritual practice from the early times in the Church that literally means "divine reading".  It’s a way of reading scripture that can benefit anyone.

Lectio divina isn't concerned necessarily with reading a great amount of scripture. Rather, it is about attentiveness while we are reading so that we listen to God's word in a new way.  It involves a few simple steps – reading scripture, meditating on it, praying with it, and contemplating its meaning.  We may read only one verse from the Bible, for example, and spend time contemplating what God is saying and how we should respond.

Lectio divina focuses us on the scriptures so we can unwrap their meaning for us.

Try lectio divina. It may prove enlightening and even transforming.

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