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Faith Moments

March 19, 2014

Faith Moment Transformation 3

Transcript of audio:

This week's second reading tells us that Christians are asked to bear hardships for the gospel.

Christian martyrs are examples of courageous people who listened to God and, in doing so, experienced much hardship in defense of their faith.

Take Joan of Arc. She listened to the voice of God and a number of saints who told her to help the exiled king of France regain his kingdom. Just a teenager, Joan of Arc led a series of amazing military victories to restore the king to his throne. But she was soon captured by her enemies. When she refused to retract her claim that the saints of God told her to lead her armies, she was called a heretic and burned at the stake.

Joan of Arc went through a personal transformation and, through God working within her, gained the courage to lead.

How might God be trying to work within us?

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