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Faith Moments

March 24, 2014

Faith Moment Hope 4

Transcript of audio:

Poet Alexander Pope wrote the famous words, "Hope springs eternal."  No matter how challenging the circumstances, we can always hope for the best and trust that things can get better.

Hope springs from our readings this week as we see how hope is rooted in faith.  The Israelites were in deep despair in the desert until Moses struck the rock and brought them hope in the form of life-giving water.  In the Letter to the Romans, we hear St. Paul share that hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured into our hearts.

And in the gospel, the Samaritan woman finds hope in her encounter with Jesus at the well, trusting what He told her and proclaiming it to others.

That is key.  Faith in God gives us hope. Like Jesus did, we are called to bring that hope to others.

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