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Faith Moments

March 26, 2014

Faith Moment Hope 6

Transcript of audio:

In the Christian tradition, our faith in Jesus Christ gives us hope in eternal life. That same faith is what calls us to bring hope to others in need.

We see countless examples of people bringing hope throughout Western New York.  Catholic Charities gives people hope through a multitude of Christ-centered services that provide care for those in need, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.  The Response to Love Center gives compassion and hope to the poor through a food pantry, thrift shop and education.  PeacePrints Ministries gives hope to individuals in prison by helping them begin again.  These are just a few examples of how hope and good works transform lives in our community.

Supporting such good works is one way we can be hope for others. Because no matter our faith tradition, whenever we follow the example of Jesus, there is hope.

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