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Faith Moments

April 1, 2014

Faith Moment Openness 5

Transcript of audio:

A recent story from our own Lewiston, NY gives us a beautiful example of how a little openness can help lift someone in need.

You may remember Elliot, a young man who has Down syndrome, from news stories last December.  He was sad one day, and in an effort to cheer him, Elliot's mom asked what he wanted for Christmas.  Elliot replied, "I just want some cards."

His mom posted on social media asking friends and family to send Elliot cards. She expected him to receive about 30 cards when the post went viral. Soon cards were pouring in from across the country, nearly 2,000 in all.

Elliot's response, "It's like a gift, like somebody loves and cares about you."

Nearly 2,000 people reached out, and with a small gesture, acted in the light and love of God.

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