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Faith Moments

April 2, 2014

Faith Moment Openness 6

Transcript of audio:

At times we are all blind to what God wants for us and it takes an encounter with another to shed some light.  The blind man in this week's gospel is a good example of that.  After he was healed of his blindness, it took a while for him to understand what Jesus was saying and who he was. It happened gradually, first expressing belief that Jesus was a prophet, and ultimately expressing his belief that Jesus was the Son of Man.

The blind man's openness to Jesus initially gave him his sight, literally. In his second encounter with Jesus, the blind man was able to truly see who Jesus really was, the light of the world.

On any given day, we may encounter God in many ways, in many people. May we be open to seeing Him around us and showing Him to those we meet.

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