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Faith Moments

April 7, 2014

Faith Moment Awakenings 1

Transcript of audio:

It certainly has been a long winter, and spring has now finally arrived. Soon, new life will be forming all around us.

This week’s scriptures talk of life beyond our usual concept. A new kind of life is promised, giving us a wake-up call, of sorts.   We hear the Lord promising to take His people back to the land of Israel, giving them a fresh start. We hear that if the Spirit of Jesus lives in us, our bodies and souls will be truly alive. We hear of Lazarus waking to life with the call of Jesus. These words invite us to move beyond where we are, showing us the possibilities of a deeper relationship with God.

God is waiting to transform us, like the flowers of spring budding after a long winter of sleep.  Today, let’s be awakened to the new life and deep love found only in God.

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