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Faith Moments

April 8, 2014

Faith Moment Awakenings 2

Transcript of audio:

In times of difficulty and loss, we find comfort in those who offer us support and compassion. A kind word, a listening ear or a warm embrace can lift our spirits and encourage us.

Although Jesus grieved over the loss of his friend Lazarus in this week’s scriptures, he calls to Lazarus and awakens him from death. Through this scripture reading, we know that Jesus understands any loss we may experience. He’s been there and will help us through it.

Jesus continues to reach out to us in our darkness today. Through those who show their care and concern for us, Jesus offers his love and mercy. We might sit in the dark tombs of our sadness, stress and difficult situations with a stone rolled in front of us, but we are not alone. We are encouraged to recognize the presence of Jesus in those who bring light and warmth on our cold and dark days.

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