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Faith Moments

April 15, 2014

Faith Moment Abandonment 2

Transcript of audio:

We see in this week's scriptures that abandonment has two faces.  Jesus suffers abandonment by his disciples.  It is the face of reality.  We all, at one time or another, feel abandoned by others.  But Jesus shows us another type of abandonment – that which we subject ourselves to out of love for others.  St. Paul tells us Jesus freely chose to abandon his divine dignity, his human dignity, and even his life, out of love for us.

Because of his willingness to abandon all, God the Father lifts Jesus in exaltation.  This is more than the story of Holy Week. It is the core of every Christian life.  Jesus shows us that only by emptying ourselves can we rise to new life.  This self-giving certainly has challenges, especially when we feel alone and abandoned by others.  But with courage based on our trust in God, we find that abandoning ourselves for the good of others can fill our hearts with joy.

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