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Faith Moments

April 21, 2014

Faith Moment Faith 4

Transcript of audio:

On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the crowning truth of our faith. We are filled with Easter joy!  Many mistakenly think Christmas is the most important celebration in the Christian faith.  In fact, Easter is our central feast – not simply one celebration among others, but the feast of feasts.

Still, like the apostles, who "saw and believed", yet "did not understand" we may have difficulty approaching Easter and its mystery of the resurrection if we rely solely on logic.  It is the gift of faith that enables us to see and believe.  While we may not have seen the resurrection of Jesus, and while we may not fully understand it, we can believe it.

Like Jesus, our mortal bodies will pass, but we can trust in God that we will share in His promise of eternal life.  Can there be a greater celebration?

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