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Faith Moments

April 23, 2014

Faith Moment Faith 6

Transcript of audio:

In this week's Gospel, the disciples race to the tomb expecting to find Jesus, only to find his cast-off burial cloths.  The disciples saw the signs that He was there, but they did not know where the Lord was.

Often in our lives, especially in challenging circumstances, we seek and expend great energies to find the Lord.  But God may feel distant, even absent.  We may expect to find Him in a particular place, or in particular ways. But instead we can feel lost and confused, like the disciples at the tomb.  It’s during times like those that we must rely on our faith and believe in the word of Jesus and the Easter promise.  God will not abandon us.  We must believe that in His perfect timing and in His perfect way, God will reveal himself to us and we will receive the blessing He longs to bestow upon us.

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