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Faith Moments

April 30, 2014

Faith Moment Mercy 6

Transcript of audio:

As we ponder the Divine Mercy, Catholics may remember learning about spiritual works of mercy and corporal works of mercy.  But a brief explanation can benefit anyone.

Spiritual works of mercy include helping our neighbor through acts such as instructing, advising, consoling and comforting, as well as forgiving and bearing wrongs patiently.  Corporal works of mercy include feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and imprisoned.  No matter what our faith tradition, we can all follow the example of Jesus and perform works of mercy in word and action.

A great example of that is St. Luke's Mission of Mercy on the East Side of Buffalo.  At St. Luke's, the founders, missionaries, staff and volunteers strive to live the Gospel message of God's great love and mercy through service to the poor and broken.  May their example inspire all of us to live more mercifully with one another.

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