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Faith Moments

May 5, 2014

Faith Moment Liberation 1

Transcript of audio:

Have you ever felt liberated from something that was weighing you down?  For example, recovering from an illness, moving on from a stressful job and so on.  Such liberation can bring great joy. Now imagine that joy a million times over.

For Christians, the scripture readings this week are a reminder that, through His Resurrection, Jesus Christ has liberated us from the throes of death.  Such liberation will bring us the greatest joy and peace.  Belief in the Resurrection opens minds and hearts to the true freedom of eternal life that God promises. It changes our understanding and the way we approach life each and every day.  The disciples of Jesus were transformed from non-belief to belief after their personal encounter with Him following his death on the cross.

Today, take a moment to reflect on God's promise to deliver us from the power of death to a new and everlasting life.  It will truly be a liberating reflection.

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