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Faith Moments

May 7, 2014

Faith Moment Liberation 3

Transcript of audio:

The Bible tells us that we can live in hope and trust that God will not abandon us.  His love and fidelity to us have no bounds.

This same hope and trust in a higher power is an integral part of many programs aimed at liberating people from the oppression of addiction, illness and poverty.  "Let go and let God" is a popular phrase in many programs meant to help people learn to let go of control and misguided choices and let God guide them.  This doesn't mean we can expect God to be a magic problem-solver.  Rather, it means taking responsibility by letting go of our own will and trusting in what God wills for us.

Even when the way is difficult, God is present. He walks with us and makes known to us the paths of life toward true freedom.  We only need to let go and trust.

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