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Faith Moments

May 12, 2014

Faith Moment Guidance 4

Transcript of audio:

The shepherds in Israel that we hear about in the Gospel of John offer a wonderful metaphor for the guidance of God.  In the time of Jesus, and even today, sheep of different herds often graze together in fenced-in pastures.  When the shepherd of a particular herd comes to return his sheep to their home fields, he calls out to them.  At the sound of their shepherd's voice, almost like magic, his sheep separate from the rest and follow their shepherd as he leads them home.

God is our guiding shepherd who has promised us His continuing care and protection.  But God can only be our shepherd if we become familiar enough with His voice so that we can follow.  When we stay close to our God, our shepherd, and listen to His voice – in scripture and in worship services – He will guide us to the abundant life He desires to give to us.

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