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Faith Moments

May 13, 2014

Faith Moment Guidance 5

Transcript of audio:

In today's high tech world of smart phones and GPS systems, many young children have probably never seen a printed, paper map.  Certainly, the GPS system is a wonderful, almost miraculous technology. But because it is man-made, it can let us down, maybe even mislead us.  That's why so many of us may still take a reliable, old-fashioned paper map on our journeys.  But that, too, is man-made and can fail us.

The scripture readings this week point us to a guide that we can always rely on and will never be outdated, will never let us down.  That guide is Jesus.  As God promised, he is our sure guide who will always lead us to the fullness of life.  It is not always easy following the example of Jesus, but he does not guide us anyplace that he has not gone first.  Listen to his voice. He guides the way to the kingdom of God.

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