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Faith Moments

May 14, 2014

Faith Moment Guidance 6

Transcript of audio:

For sailors, a lighthouse offers guidance through dark seas, taking them safely back into the harbor and then back to their homes.  What do you use to guide you?  What is your lighthouse?

The scripture readings this week offer good direction as to how we can better navigate through life.  Among all the things we can turn to for guidance in our daily lives, there is only one sure guide – Almighty God.  Like the lighthouse for the sailor, we can depend on the light of our faith to guide us to our right destination.  Through personal prayer, reading the Bible, and especially being part of a faith community, we can find God’s light, His loving care and counsel to lead us.

Look to God as your beacon of hope.  He will lead you to a fuller life, both now and into eternity. He will always be there as your guide.

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