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Faith Moments

May 19, 2014

Faith Moment Neglect 1

Transcript of audio:

Like the widows in the scripture reading from the Acts of the Apostles, we all may feel left out at times in our our families, circle of friends or our community.  But we are encouraged with the reminder that God never forgets us. He has "called us out of darkness into his wonderful light" showing us his great love by sending us Jesus. 

We can all follow the example of Jesus and become a bright reflection of God's love.  Our faith communities are places where we come together to embrace that love, to help one another so that no one feels neglected.  You can turn to your faith community when you feel left out.  Share in the faith at Mass or worship services. Join in on programs for spiritual direction. Find the support you need during trying times.  In faith communities, we "build a spiritual house" where no stone should be rejected and everyone has a place.

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