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Faith Moments

May 21, 2014

Faith Moment Neglect 3

Transcript of audio:

Sometimes we don't fully appreciate what we have in our lives.  We take things for granted. That can lead us to neglect what is important.  It can be that way with our faith too.  We get so busy in our daily lives, that we may take our faith for granted, neglecting to attend church, forgetting to take time to pray, or not recognizing God's presence in our lives.

This week's gospel challenges us to open our eyes and expand our seeing and believing.  Instead of neglecting our faith, let’s come to recognize the many varied and surprising ways God comes to us each day.  In the morning sun that chases the darkness. In the love of family and friends.  In the help of a stranger in a time of need.

Then let’s come to others in the same way, reflecting the love of God in words and actions.

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