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Faith Moments

May 27, 2014

Faith Moment Advocacy 5

Transcript of audio:

Some of us might compare the Holy Spirit to a parent who advocates for a child with loving guidance.  We can also think of the Spirit as God within us, like a master sculptor continually modeling our lives with great care to create the goodness he envisions for us.

Imagine the Spirit within us, God, the artisan whose tools are the circumstances of our lives.  He seeks to form us in his image, with Jesus as our model, guiding us to chip away at anything that keeps us from doing God's Holy will.  God gives us his commandments to guide our actions on the outside, while the Spirit acts inside so we may live by the example of Jesus.

Like the artisan, we must not be impatient but instead learn to let the Holy Spirit do God's work carefully and creatively within us.

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