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Faith Moments

May 28, 2014

Faith Moment Advocacy 6

Transcript of audio:

Children inherit things from their parents. Not just material things, but traits, habits and even lifestyles.  Any loving parent wants what is best for their children, so they strive to pass along what is good for them – an education, a stable home, a healthy approach to life.

God, our loving Father, also wants what is best for us. And so Christians believe he gives us the greatest inheritance of all in the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus tells his disciples that God has given us an advocate, the Spirit of truth within us, who is with us always.  It is this Spirit that guides us to do as God wills, to love one another, keep his commandments and reflect his light in following the example of Jesus.  Blessed by this inheritance, God works through us and we become his advocates.

Take some time today to think about how God’s Spirit is working within you.

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