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Faith Moments

June 3, 2014

Faith Moment Glory 2

Transcript of audio:

Much of modern advertising glorifies the "me" attitude that tells us to get more, accumulate for ourselves.  But the scripture readings this week remind us that such an attitude is misguided, to say the least.  The scripture calls us to the “great reversal” – it's not about me!  “The last will be first,” “turn the other cheek,” “go with them ‘two’ miles,” “give away your coat.”  “Welcome all.”

As St. Francis offers us: to be an instrument of peace – love where there is hatred; where injury, pardon; darkness, bring light, and where there is despair, we bring hope!  We become the disciples, the “great reversal”, “the contradiction” for our society.

Think of Fr. Nelson Baker, S.S. John Paul II and John XXIII.  And even Francis himself.

Be the great reversal!

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