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Faith Moments

June 4, 2014

Faith Moment Glory 3

Transcript of audio:

Listeners who attended a Jesuit school or college are certainly familiar with the letters A M D G.  It is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "ad majorem gloriam Dei" which translates "For the greater glory of God."  The phrase is attributed to the founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola, and has become the motto of the Society of Jesus.  St. Ignatius summarized the Jesuit philosophy that all good works we do are performed in order to give glory to God.  This is why service for and with others is the hallmark of a Jesuit school or institution.

The Jesuit philosophy is found so profoundly in the scripture readings that we can summarize that all that we do, like Jesus, gives glory to God, in giving ourselves and in giving service for others.

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