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Faith Moments

June 10, 2014

Faith Moment Equality 2

Transcript of audio:

Our scripture readings from Pentecost Sunday remind us of the oneness of all people and nations.  We hear of the original unity, as God created us, that perfect equality.

Christ was born amidst the fractured world in which we live.  But his love reveals our original unity, oneness with God and oneness with each other.  Look around.  Why is there so much inequality in the world?  Between rich and poor...among different races.  Perhaps our prejudice, our self-centeredness have contributed to the disunity of our world.  As followers of Jesus, gifted in the Spirit, we are called to live lives that bespeak our oneness in God.  All are one in God.

We can rejoice like the disciples on that Pentecost Sunday.  That we are gifted with the Spirit.  And we can proclaim this oneness with God each and every day.  Like the diverse crowd that gathered in Jerusalem, we can be astounded and amazed as we hear God's word and understand our unity with God.

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