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Faith Moments

June 11, 2014

Faith Moment Equality 3

Transcript of audio:

Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu is a renowned social rights activist who rose to worldwide fame in the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid in South Africa.  But Bishop Tutu's campaigned against many different types of inequality all over the world, from poverty, racism and sexism, to false imprisonment, oppression and other humanitarian wrongs.  Filled with the Holy Spirit, he understands the peaceful co-existence God wants for all of us.  He wants us to hear the words of this Sunday's gospel, "peace be with you."

Like the disciples of Jesus, Bishop Tutu has gone forth to proclaim the gospel message about God’s love through a life of action and faith. Embracing all people, and fighting injustices.  Bishop Tutu once said, "God's dream is that you and I – all of us – will realize we are family, made for togetherness, for goodness, and for compassion."

May Bishop Desmond Tutu's example inspire us to better understand and love one another as God loves us.

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