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Faith Moments

June 24, 2014

Faith Moment Change 5

Transcript of audio:

People are searching for a place to belong in our complicated and complex world - a community of faith that welcomes them in the name of Christ Jesus.  They are searching because of hurt, displacement, spiritual hunger or just because they don't feel like they belong.  Its amazing how a simple greeting, a positive word from a family member, or an outstretched hand from even a stranger at a difficult moment can open a door and make a difference. 

No person, parish or community of believers is perfect.  We are a long way from becoming all that we should be in Christ.  However, when someone is searching, whatever the circumstances, welcome them, greet them, and offer them the full love and support of Jesus the Good Shepherd.  Let them hear his voice and welcome.  And feel his loving embrace through you. 

Stop and think about those people in your life that are waiting for you to be the welcoming presence of Christ.  All are welcome.  Be that welcome.

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