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Faith Moments

June 25, 2014

Faith Moment Change 6

Transcript of audio:

Change can be very difficult.  Think about getting in shape, eating healthier, a new school or a new job. You've got to work at it consistently in order to see results.

The same is true of our faith and relationship with God.  We need to be challenged in our faith in order to grow stronger and be transformed by God's grace in our faith life.  Faith and holiness calls for ongoing exercise, challenge, change, time in prayer, study, service to and for one another.  It becomes the routine that deepens our faith and love of the Lord.

For Christians the Eucharist is the means to keep our hearts focused on Jesus.  This central sacrament of the Christian faith gives us the spiritual nourishment, the challenge we need to grow stronger and deeper in our relationship with God.  The Eucharist becomes the nourishment that allows us to model ourselves after Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

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