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Faith Moments

June 30, 2014

Faith Moment Providence 1

Transcript of audio:

The stories of Saints Peter and Paul in this week's scripture include very dramatic events and images.  An angel helped Peter slip away from his captors despite the double chains, secure locks and numerous guards that kept him imprisoned.  Paul speaks knowingly and openly of his impending death, confident he had served God well and that God would not abandon him.  God provided care and protection for these two "rocks" of the early church so they could pursue the mission given to them by Christ.  Today, we are those "rocks" of the church, given that same mission to bring others to God to spite the chains we find ourselves shackled in.  And we are strengthened, protected, guided and helped by God's providence like Peter and Paul.  While we may not experience the drama of slipping out of a physical prison, we must overcome many other fears to be those Gospel people in the world.

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