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Faith Moments

July 1, 2014

Faith Moment Providence 2

Transcript of audio:

A favorite gospel quote often seen on social media, outdoor church signs and other places is "With God, all things are possible."  Yet, like the stories of Saints Peter and Paul in this week's readings, sometimes God's providence seems beyond our comprehension.  That is because what God can accomplish in us is simply beyond our imagination, contrary to the norm and totally extraordinary.  The focus of these scriptures isn't so much on Paul and Peter's dramatic rescue as it is on what God is doing through them...and continues to do through us if we surrender to His grace.  Like Peter and Paul, we need to be willing to face adversity, act boldly knowing God goes before us.  Remember, the saints are not perfect. They are people who surrender to their limitations and find their completion in God’s will. Let us follow their lead, trusting that God will guide and protect us.

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