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Faith Moments

July 2, 2014

Faith Moment Providence 3

Transcript of audio:

We see in the first scripture reading this weekend that the prayers of others sustained Saint Peter in his imprisonment, and he is eventually freed.  The scripture mentions continual prayer to remind us that in our lives of faith we are united as one with the whole Body of Christ. 

Prayer, faith of the whole, sustains us through whatever may be oppressing or threatening to overwhelm us as individuals.  A recent example is the local Blue4Ben movement, inspired by a five-year-old, Benjamin Sauer, the Clarence boy who lost his fight with cancer this past May.  During Ben's illness, thousands of people offered the Lord's grace and blessing through their prayer and support. At his passing, the unity of prayer helped to strengthen our faith that little Ben was now in the loving embrace of God. 

God acts through the whole of creation.  And our prayer can be the means by which God brings comfort and strength and faith to others.  God working, touching and loving us through our prayer.

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