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Faith Moments

July 8, 2014

Faith Moment Burdens 2

Transcript of audio:

If you have lived in our community for a while, no doubt you have experienced why Buffalo is called the City of Good Neighbors.  Good, caring people are all around us.  Get your car stuck in a snow bank, and there's always a group of people who will push you out.  When you're having a bad day, perfect strangers will offer words of encouragement.  We are a community that seems to get the message of this week's scripture readings – that is, we all have burdens.  But we are never alone.  First and foremost, God is always with us to help us carry our heaviest burdens, in particular, those that can take an emotional and spiritual toll on our lives.  God also sends people to help us – our brothers and sisters who are ready to lend a hand, whatever the challenge.  Remember, God is with us in the City of Good Neighbors.

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