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Faith Moments

July 14, 2014

Faith Moment Achievements 1

Transcript of audio:

How do you measure achievement in your life?  Is it by the size of your house, the car you drive, your job title?

This week's scripture readings challenge us to reflect on what God has sent us to achieve here on earth. We can be certain it is not to gather as much material wealth as we can just for our own pleasure.  In the scriptures, Isaiah tells us that God's word – his desire for us – is like a seed sown in fertile soil.  His word goes forth, achieving the end for which He sent it.

God wants us to hear his word and live it – to experience the fruit of his love, and achieve his will for us.  That means we must constantly prepare the soil of our hearts so that we can receive God's word and nurture it to grow.

Be attentive to God’s word and what He is trying to achieve in your life.

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