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Faith Moments

July 18, 2014

Faith Moment Achievements 5

Transcript of audio:

Today, more and more, for reasons all too numerous to mention, grandparents are assuming an even greater and more profound role in the raising of their grandchildren.  A week, a day, does not go by that an older couple or person does not speak to me about running off to soccer, or having the grandkids because their mom and dad are both working away in the evening.  Or having to take their grandchildren into their home.  Raising them, because of serious marriage problems.  To these incredible grandparents, I say you are the presence of God.  The gentle hand of calm in a turbulent world.  You are the stabilizing foundation that brings to our young children security, protection, and above all the knowledge that God loves them, in and through you.  Jesus says, "Let the children come to me.  Do not hinder them."  Blessed are our grandparents.  For they shall see God and He will be smiling.

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