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Faith Moments

January 31, 2012

Faith Moment Openness 2

Transcript of audio:

Trust in authority is something that seems to be in short supply these days. Given the less-than-reputable actions of some people in leadership positions in recent times, it can be difficult to be open to what those in authority are saying.

In Sunday’s Gospel reading we see Jesus teaching and acting with authority. In doing so, he showed us how those in power must always act with the people’s best interests at heart. The Son of God cared for the poor. He healed the sick. In other words, Jesus practiced what he preached. He was a Servant Leader.

Are you a Servant Leader? If you hold authority – as a boss, a lawmaker, a church leader, or a parent – your actions should always be aimed at bringing forth goodness in the world.

In your life roles, commit to matching your actions to the teachings of Jesus more fully.  Trust His promises and be open to God’s never-ending love and compassion.

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