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Summer Dinner Lecture series planned
Published Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora is providing a relaxing way for people to recharge their faith through the Summer Dinner Lecture Series.  The five-part series features presentations on Thomas Merton, biblical storytelling, the existence of purgatory and more.

June 12 – Seeing Through The Eyes Of Thomas Merton: The New York Years − presented by Jan Sheridan.  Come for a presentation of photos taken of scenes in New York that correspond to key events that Merton describes in his classic spiritual autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain.  Using visual images and Merton’s words, we will reflect on Merton’s journey and spirituality and our own through reflection questions and group discussion throughout the presentation.  

June 26 – The Power of Biblical Storytelling − presented by Carol Wolf. Hearing and experiencing the Word of God through the art of storytelling will enliven both the Word and the individual.  Come and discover new life in God's Word and in your life.  This form can be used as a spiritual practice, in worship, as prayer/meditation, in small groups, intergenerational, for healing, transformation and change. 

July 17 – Irrelevant & Intolerant vs. Contagious & Compassionate − presented by Deacon Donald Weigel.  “New Evangelization” calls us to mission, as evangelization always has. What is “new” is that we are beginning with ourselves and, in the process; we are inviting others along our journey with Christ. We do this by our actions – especially in our attitudes and efforts on behalf of the least, the last and the lost. Our discussion will explore how the witness of our lives produces an invitation to create a vibrant, dynamic and infectious mission in charity and action together.

July 30 – What’s Up With Purgatory?  − presented by Deacon Gary Andelora.  This talk will feature a general overview and history of the concept of purgatory. It will present arguments as to whether or not its existence is evidenced in scripture. It will also feature an examination of the doctrine and how it has been perceived throughout history.

August 14 – The Dead Sea Scrolls: Priceless Discoveries − presented by Sr. Marion Moeser, OSF.  The Dead Sea Scrolls have provided Jews and Christians with new insights into the religious world of the Judaism of Jesus’ time.  The lecture will introduce the impact of the scrolls on the text of the Old Testament (the only scriptures of Jesus and the first Christians), on other Jewish writings of the time, and on our knowledge of a particular group of religious Jews around the beginning of the first century AD.  This lecture is fragrance-free – no perfumes or colognes, please.

All lectures will be held in the Seminary’s main dining room.   Dinner plus lecture is $30 per person; lecture only is $20 per person.  Dinner is served at 5:45 p.m.; lectures are from 6:45–8:30 p.m. 

To register, call Gayle Angelli at 805-1438.  Reservations are required.