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Who is a typical seminarian?
Published Tuesday, March 19, 2013
by Father Walter Szczesny, Director, Office of Vocations

Most of the seminarians cheer for the Buffalo Bills and Sabres.  Yet there are those who follow the Steelers, the Penguins and the Jets. Some of our seminarians might be considered as being extrovert in personality while others would be thought of as more reserved.

It seems like our picture of a typical seminarian is quite varied, a collage of gifts and talents.  But there are also so many similarities that run through each and every seminarian.  Each one had a difficult and challenging decision to make.  Having heard God’s call, they had to answer that call.  This was not an easy choice in today’s culture and society.

Each seminarian possesses a great love for God and God’s people.  Each seminarian has a hunger for developing his spiritual and ministerial talents.  Each seminarian is open to a Formation Program that will prepare him for a lifetime of interpreting the workings of God in the joys, challenges and tragedies of the lives of the people they will shepherd as priests in their parishes.

I am so very proud of the men who have chosen to become seminarians for the Diocese of Buffalo.  Please pray for them.  Please pray for their journey.  They are special.  Could God also be calling you, or someone you know, to be a seminarian and eventually a priest?  Do you have the desire to serve God and others in a challenging yet exciting life of prayer and service?

Perhaps you have your own unique gifts and talents that could be developed.  Would you be a “typical” seminarian?  Bring your own personality and the gifts God has given you, along with the desire to learn and grow.  You will fit right in.

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