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Financial Policy


Tuition, room, board and miscellaneous charges are established by the Board of Trustees of the Seminary.  Although usually established annually, these charges may be changed without notice, at the discretion of the board.  All charges are assessed and collected by the Finance Office.  Payments are accepted in cash, by check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover).  Checks should be made payable to “Christ the King Seminary”.  A $20 service charge is assessed for all returned checks.


A non-refundable application fee of $40 must accompany each formal application for admission to a degree program at Christ the King Seminary.  This fee is assessed and collected by the Academic Office.


This $50 fee covers the administrative costs of Profiles in Ministry, an instrument of the Association of Theological Schools.  This process is used to help discern gifts for ministry and to identify areas for growth and development to be addressed within the student’s theological and spiritual formation while in graduate theological education.


This $35 fee covers the administration of Lay Formation activities as covers the registration fees for  one retreat and one seminar per academic year.  A student may participate in additional retreats and seminars but will be billed accordingly.


Students wishing transcripts of their grades must make a written request to the Registrar.  A fee of $5 is assessed and collected for each transcript issued.  Transcripts will not be issued if there are any outstanding financial obligations to the Seminary.


Spring Semester 2014
On or before December 10 No penalty
After December 10 $100 late registration fee
Summer Semester 2014
On or before May 5 No penalty
After May 5 $100 late registration fee
Fall Semester 2014
On or before May 5 No penalty
May 6 – June 30 $50 late registration fee
On or after July 1 $100 late registration fee

Registration date is the date your registration form is received by the academic office.


Financial responsibility begins with registration for (a) course(s).  Failure to attend will not cancel charges.  Payments will be credited on the date received, not the date mailed.

All charges are billed to the student by the Finance Office with payments due on the following dates:

                   Fall Semester – August 15

                   Spring Semester - January 5

Registration after these dates must include full payment.  Automatic tuition payments may be made through FACTS Business Solutions.  Please see the “Finance” section of the Seminary website at or call the Finance Office at (716) 655-7097 for more information. Credit card payments can be made by contacting the Finance Office.

No student will be admitted to class unless all tuition and fees are paid or payment arrangements have been made.  In any semester, a student’s registration is subject to cancellation if charges have not been paid or the student has not made other financial arrangements by the payment due date.

The seminary will not issue academic credit, grade reports, transcripts, or degrees to any student who has an outstanding account with the Seminary.  Any student who has an outstanding debt to the Seminary will not be permitted to register for courses offered in subsequent semesters.  Collection and legal action will be taken to secure monies due the Seminary and the cost of these services will be the responsibility of the student.

It is the student’s responsibility to assure that all financial aid paperwork has been completed on a timely basis.  Students who expect to receive financial aid or loans from any source should begin their application process well in advance of the beginning of the semester to allow for processing time.  If, for whatever reason this is not complied with, immediate payment will be expected.

Seminarian tuition, room, board and fees are billed directly to their sponsoring diocese.


The enrollment status of the student is determined by the number of credit hours registered for at the end of each semester’s drop/add period.  Full-time status is 8 or more credit hours, half-time status is 6 to 7 credit hours.

GRADUATE STUDENTS: Graduate student tuition is $500 per credit hour, auditor tuition is $400 per audit hour and tuition for CKS alumni/ae is $300 per course if auditing (no fees) and $400 per hour if taking for credit.  The Seminary charge for Clinical Pastoral Education is $400 per credit hour.  CPE tuition is separate and in addition to the tuition charged and collected by the respective institutions.

SEMINARIANS:  The tuition charge for seminarians is $22,085.


The room and board charge for seminarians is $10,500.


A student fee is assessed each semester to all students.  This fee covers expenses related to mailings, registration, library use, etc.  Students registering for comprehensive examinations and/or papers will be assessed this fee each semester until such work is completed.  The fee schedule per semester is as follows:

            Part-Time Graduate Students:  $125

            Full-Time Graduate Students:  $160    

            Seminarians:  $350

Seminarians are also assessed an annual theological reflection fee of $250, a laundry fee of  $175, a student activity fee of $225 and a technology fee of $140.


All matriculants not registering for a course in a given semester must fill out a “Leave of Absence Request Form,” register and pay a “Maintenance of Registration” fee of $80 for that semester.  Those who fail to do so must re-apply for admission and enclose the required application fee.  In every case, the original date of admission to matriculant status will determine the starting point of the statute of limitations within which a degree must be completed.  No student can be allowed more than two consecutive leaves of absence.


Any student who withdraws from a course or graduate program must file a formal withdrawal from with the Academic Office.  The official date of withdrawal is the date the Academic Office is notified of the withdrawal.  No refunds will be issued until this form is filed.

Tuition, Room and Board charges are refundable according to the following schedule:

Tuition Fees Room
First Week 100% 100% 100%
Second Week 80% No refund 80%
Third Week 60% No refund 60%
Fourth Week 40% No refund 40%
Fifth Week 20% No refund 20%
After Fifth Week No refund No refund No refund


Meals will be refunded on a pro-rated schedule.  Summer school refunds will be pro-rated using  the above schedule.  In the case of a class cancellation, a full refund will be made immediately upon notification to the Treasurer’s Office.


Field education supervisors who are supervising students in a given semester will be given a coupon entitling them to one tuition-free course (graduate or continuing education).  Student fees are the responsibility of the student.  The coupon is valued according to the program level of field education supervised.  It is non-transferable and must be used within two years of the date issued.  The coupon must be returned with the course registration form.  More information may be obtained from the Director of Theological Field Education.

Financial Policy

August 2013