Academic Forms

Below is a directory of commonly used academic forms in alphabetical order.  For additional assistance please contact the Academic Office at 716-655-7088.

Forms A-Z

Drop/Add Request Form
This form is used for dropping and/or adding courses in the first week of the fall and spring semester.  Students wishing to withdraw from a course after the drop/add deadline (see academic calendar) must use the Withdrawal from a Course Request Form.  

Graduate Course Registration Form
This form is used for registering for pre-theology and graduate courses in the first week of the fall and spring semester.  

Incomplete Grade Request Form
The grade of incomplete (I) is assigned when there is some justifiable delay in the completion of course requirements (e.g., student illness).  Students must submit an Incomplete Grade Request Form to the registrar's office for the academic dean's approval.  The form must be signed by both the student and instructor and have an agreed upon due date for completed work no more than eight weeks from the last day of the semester.  Upon completion of requirements, the instructor submits the grade-change in writing to the registrar's office for the academic dean's signature and grade report processing.  If the incomplete is not removed by the designated deadline, the grade is changed to Failure (F).

Independent or Directed Study Registration Form
An independent study is student-driven, with the faculty member serving as facilitator.  The meeting times are flexible and periodic, and the student should expect an investment of time equal to or greater than that required by a regular course for the completion of the required research and/or other assignments.

A directed study is faculty-driven, with the faculty member acting in his or her capacity as an instructor.  The meeting times are regular and frequent, roughly approximate to those of a regularly scheduled course. 

Independent or Directed Study Restrictions: (1) A student may only work on one independent or directed study projects per semester. (2) A student is limited to register for no more than three (3) independent or directed study courses, for a total of not more than nine (9) credits, within the duration of a degree program.

Leave of Absence Request Form
Students unable to register for coursework in a particular semester must submit a leave of absence request form to the registrar's office for the academic dean's approval.  Approved students are financially responsible to pay a "Maintenance of Registration" fee for the semester on leave (see finance/fees).  Students may not take more than two semesters of leave within a degree program.  Those who fail to do so must re-apply for admission and enclose the required application fee. In every case, the original date of admission to matriculant status will determine the starting point of the statute of limitations within which a degree must be completed.

Program Withdrawal Form
This form is used for withdrawing from Christ the King Seminary entirely, and officially separating. If a student is seeking to withdraw from a specific course, use the course withdrawal form. 

Request to Change Graduate Degree Program
This form is used to request a change from one graduate degree program to another graduate degree program.

Transcript Request Form
The Department of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y. holds the transcripts for alumni and former students of Christ the King Seminary of East Aurora, New York. All requests for Christ the King Seminary transcripts must be made mailed or delivered to the Department. Generally, the Department will send an official (sealed) transcript to the agency or institution that has requested it of the alumnus/-a or former student. If a graduate or former student of Christ the King Seminary wants to receive his or her official transcript directly in order to submit it as part of a college or employment application, that transcript will be issued in a sealed envelope and stamped with an indication that it was "issued to student." Once that envelope is opened, the transcript will no longer be considered official.

Withdrawal from Course Request Form
This form is used after drop/add by students requesting a withdrawal from course by the course withdrawal deadline (see academic calendar).  Students withdrawing from a course will receive a grade of "W" on their academic transcript.

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