Rev. Charles R. Amico
Professor (Emeritus) of Systematic Theology

Rev. Joseph F. Burke, S.J.
Spiritual Formation Team

Dr. Dennis Castillo
Professor of Church History

Mrs. Kathleen Murphy Castillo
Director of Theological Field Education

Rev. Peter J. Drilling
Lecturer of Systematic Theology and Pastoral Studies

Rev. Gregory Faulhaber
Professor of Moral Theology

Rev. Joseph Gatto
President-Rector, Professor

Rev. Msgr. Paul Litwin
Lecturer of Canon Law

Mr. Alan Lukas
Director and Instructor of Liturgical Music

Rev. John P. Mack, Jr.
Director of Pre-Theology

Rev. F. Patrick Melfi
Associate Director of Priestly Formation

Sr. Marion C. Moeser, OSF
Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture

Rev. Michael Monshau, O.P.
Professor of Homiletics and Liturgy

Rev. Alfons Osiander
Lecturer of Sacred Scripture

Rev. Gabriel Scarfia, OFM
Professor of Systematic Theology

Rev. Msgr. Richard Siepka
Director of Spiritual Formation

Rev. John M. Staak, OMI
Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology

Rev. Paul L. Varuvel
Assistant Professor of Moral Theology

Mrs. Eileen T. Warner
Director of Mission and Pastoral Outreach

Rev. Robert A. Wozniak
Director of Priestly Formation

Buffalo Seminary School