Rev. Msgr. Paul A. Litwin

Lecturer of Canon Law




J.C.L. Catholic University of America (Canon Law) 
M.A. Christ the King Seminary (Theology)
B.A. Wadhams Hall Seminary College (Philosophy)

Professional Memberships

Canon Law Society of America (since 1988)
Eastern Regional Conference of Canonists (since 1990)
National Association of Pastoral Musicians (since 1978)
Church Musicians' Guild of Buffalo (since 1971)


Msgr. Litwin was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Buffalo in 1979.  He served as vice chancellor of the diocese from 1996-2006 and has served as chancellor since 2006.  Msgr. Litwin also has extensive musical training as an organist and vocalist and is currently a member of the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus and the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus Chamber Ensemble Singers.

Buffalo Seminary School